5 Best Backup Plugin for WordPress

5 Best Backup Plugins for WordPress 2022

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For regular WordPress users, creating a regular backup is a crucial part of their job which helps in disastrous situations. Like a website getting hacked, any malfunction in settings losing a decisive amount of site data. So, In this article, we are going to discuss the 5 Best Backup Plugins for WordPress.

How to get Backup without a Backup Plugin?

After starting a WordPress website. The WordPress dashboard has its own backup functionality which enables you to import or export pages and some of its contents and settings manually.

To use this default functionality:

  1. Login to your WordPress Website
  2. Select Tools > Export in the left sidebar
  3. Select All Content
  4. Click Download Export File
WordPress Manual Local Backup
WordPress Manual Backup

Thus, As a result, An XML file of your website will be downloaded and you will be able to save it locally on your computer. This can then be imported into another website by going at Tools > Import.

This enables the user to upload that XML file to another website and thus, transfer his data. You can also take backup of your website from cPanel and from WordPress as well.

It is an easy method but as a developer, it is not enough.

Before starting further, you have to learn some basics:

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What is Backup?

According to Wikipedia:

A backup is a copy of computer data or website files taken and stored elsewhere locally or remotely. So that it may be used to restore the original after a data loss event.

Backups can be used to recover data after its loss from data deletion or corruption, or to recover data from an earlier time that is called backup restoration.

Wikipedia. What is a Backup.

A wordpress backup contains mainly two things:

  1. Database Files: The tables and user information that is made up in MySQL.
  2. Media and Folders: The Folders and WordPress files that are made up of different folders, images documents and coding files.

When we take backup, our backup plugin takes both type of files and compresses into a single zip file. Which can then be uploaded to another server.

What are the Types of Backup?

The explained below are the Three types of WordPress Backup.

Full Backup: This type of backup makes a copy of all data to another set of media, such as a disk or tape, local or online.

Incremental Backup: An incremental backup will result in copying only the data that has been changed since the last backup operation.

Differential Backup: In short, a differential backup is similar to an incremental backup the first time it is performed. It will copy all data changed from the previous backup. However, each time it is run afterward, it will continue to copy all data changed since the previous full backup placed.

After getting some information about the backup and types of backup now take a look at the Methods of Backup.

Take Regular Backups
Take Regular Backups

What are the Methods of Backup?

Database backup: In this type, we just reserve the tables and database files. The wordpress files and folders are left out. This method is for advance users and thus, used wisely.

Complete backup: Collecting all the database and folders and wordpress files into one single zip. This is mostly used type.

Scheduled backup: Once enabled, you can schedule a backup to run automatically, giving you peace of mind. So after some time or a day, a backup of your data automatically taken and saved to your selected storages.

Backup Location:

Every free backup plugin stores the backup files to your own servers. If you lose access to your server then you cannot use the backup as well. But if the files are stored locally this allows the user another layer of safety and security. You can select one of the best backup plugins for WordPress to get remote storage options.

Offline or Local means you can save your file locally on your computer. Online or Remote mean you can store your backup file on remote storage. Like Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive or Amazon S3. You can easily restore your backup file anytime from remote storage even if your entire website gets hacked. So Remote Storage is best option for saving the backup files.

Best Backup Plugins for WordPress Comparison

After getting some information about the backup, its types, and its method. Now you have to go through from the best backup plugins for WordPress. So you can select any of them with your choice.


UpdraftPlus is one of the most popular backup plugins around the WordPress website community. Over 2 million active user are using UpdraftPlus as their favorite Backup Plugin.

Free version of UpdraftPlus, allows you to create complete backup of your WordPress website store it to local or remote storage. Remote storage includes Google Drive, OneDrive, Dropbox, FTP, SFTP and many other options. 

updraft premium wordpress backup plugin
updraft premium wordpress backup plugin

This backup plugin provides the scheduled backup and on-demand backup as well. Choose the option which files you want to backup like complete backup, database backup or Posts or media files. It also allows you to easily restore your backup files directly from the WordPress website admin panel.

UpdraftPlus Premium facilities start from $42/year which provides

  1. Scheduling backups
  2. Incremental Backups
  3. Vault Storage
  4. More Remote Storage options
  5. Security, Restoring, Recovering and Migrating options
  6. Full 24×7 support.

UpdraftPlus is the most popular backup plugin for the WordPress website. Comes with extra features even with a free version like daily backup, remote storage and easy restoration. You can get more features like incremental backup and migration etc with Updraft Premium.


Jetpack Backup

VaultPress is now a part of Jetpack from WordPress. You have to get a VaultPress subscription from Jetpack backup powered by WordPress. It is recommended by WordPress.com, BlueHost, DreamHost and Pressable.

Jetpack offers real-time automated cloud backup solution with easy backup and restores options with few clicks. You can keep your website backup up-to-date with daily or real-time syncing with using this backup plugin. 

JetPack WordPress Backup Plugin
VaultPress from JetPack Backup Plugin by WordPress

It also provides the Malware Scanning Automatically block-spam, Security. Real-time backups with instant downtime alerts and one-click restore online quickly.

Jetpack improves your website performance by loading faster pages. Improve your site speed with lazy loading images, take control of your website SEO and shorter loading time.


Free version is available with downtime monitoring, brute force attack protection. Personal plan starting from $3.50/mon include

  1. Daily backup
  2. Spam protection
  3. Priority support
  4. Expanded Activity Logs

VaultPress or Jetpack is officially recommended backup and security plugin from WordPress. That provides real-time backup, website security and performance features. Personal Plan starts from $3.50/mon and Professional plan also provide much extra security and performance feature for your website.


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Backup Buddy

BackupBuddy is the most popular and premium backup plugin for your WordPress website. Covers over half of a million customers around the world from 2010. It features easily schedule, daily, weekly and monthly backups. It automatically stores backup files on remote storage like Dropbox, Amazon S3, FTP, Stash and emails.

This popular backup plugin provides free 1GB Stash Storage to store your backup files. This is not a subscription-based service when you select a yearly plan. You can use this plugin on the number of websites mentioned in the plan.

BackupBuddy - Premium WordPress Backup Plugin
BackupBuddy – Premium Backup Plugin

It provides the facility to duplicate, migrate and restore websites with a live backup updates. Means when you change a single file then this plugin will automatically take its backup and store on your selected store. 

BackupBuddy is from iThemes that provide WordPress Web Hosting services that starts from $12/mon, iThemes Sync in which you can manage 10 WordPress sites from a single dashboard.

Its Blogger plan starts from $64/year that includes:

  1. 1 site integrations
  2. 1 year of plugin updates
  3. Full Supports
  4. 1GB Stash storage space
  5. Gold plan provides 5GB Stash storage.

BackupBuddy is a premium and cost-effective WordPress Backup plugin that provide live backup solution and easy restoration options that starts from $64/year and you can get discount coupon code as well from their site.



WPVivid is an all-in-One backup solution for WordPress website that provides remote or cloud storage implementation like Google Drive, Dropbox, Amazon S3, OneDrive, FTP and SFTP and many others when you take a backup of your website.

It features a free WordPress website Backup and Migration Plugin with Easy Site Migration, Automatic Backups and One-Click Restore of your website.

WPVivid All in One Backup Plugin
WPVivid All in One Backup Plugin

It takes efficient low sized backups, scheduling backups, local or even cloud storage backups with free of costs. It also supports full control options, the large database supports backup limits, backup splitting, backup to Localhost and clean temp files.

It’s free trial support 2 website and its Basic Plan that have one-time subscription starts from $99 that provides:

  1. 3 website Integration
  2. Incremental backup
  3. Lifetime 24×7 support
  4. Lifetime Update
  5. 30 Day money-back guarantee

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WPVivid is the best WordPress backup and migration plugin that provide maximum features. Like easy site migration, automatic backups and restore options absolutely free. If you want to get an incremental backup facility you should buy WPVivid Pro that costs about $99.


BackWPup is a perfect WordPress website backup plugin that covers 600,000 active users with 10 Million downloads and 10 years of services. So this plugin is more popular than the others. It is an official WordPress VIP partner and Gold Woo-Commerce Expert.

BackWPup also provides the complete WordPress website backup for free. It store backup files to the cloud or remote storage like Dropbox, Amazon S3 and local storage. It is too easy to install, use and allow you to schedule backup with website frequency with easy restoring option. 

BackWPup Perfect WordPress Backup Plugin
BackWPup Perfect WordPress Backup Plugin

BackWPup Pro version Offers:

  1. Priority Support.
  2. Google Drive Integration.
  3. Automatic Restore in case of emergency.
  4. Encryption of Backup archive.

Its Standard Plan starts from $48/ year with include 1 WordPress installation, 1 year of updates, and premium support. Its renewal cost is just $39. More plans include up to 100 WordPress installations with 1-year support.

BackWPup is the most popular backup plugin that has over 10 million downloads and 600,000 active installs. Its beating its alternative with its free version with premium features and supports. It provides easy and quick backups and restoration with a standalone app. 


Closing Remarks

We enclose the best backup plugins for the WordPress websites with every feature and facility. Every backup has its own pros and cons like some provide premium facilities with a free version. Encrypted backups, daily and live backup and 1-click restore options, and maximum support. Some do not provide Google Drive storage and costly packages.

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