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Applicant Tracking System Features and Benefits: All to Know

The applicant tracking system features and benefits are quite easy to understand. A recruiter needs to understand these aspects of the ATS to recruit candidates more efficiently. Hence, in this fast-paced world, recruiting good candidates can be a daunting task. Every company demands the best talent in the market. 

Therefore, to have your fair share of talented candidates as a recruiter, it is necessary to understand the applicant tracking system features and benefits. The ATS will help you smoothen the hiring process only if you know how to use it. 

In this blog, we will go through various aspects of an applicant tracking system. So, without any further ado, let us dive into the world of ATS systems.

What is an ATS system?

An applicant tracking system online is software that helps in managing job applications and candidates during the hiring process of the company. So, to simplify, an ATS system does the following three main tasks:

  • Tracking candidates. 
  • Managing applications. 
  • Creating a database. 

Thus, every ATS conducts the above-mentioned tasks in some or the other manner. However, the style, design, and process may differ from each other. 

Although even if the working style differs, the main aim of the ATS remains the same. That is to ease the overall hiring process. Further, let us look at the features and benefits of an ATS system.

What are the features and benefits of an ATS system?

Trust us when we say an applicant tracking system has multiple features and benefits. Some advanced ATSs have such unique features that the user only realizes them if pointed out. So, in the section below, here are a few of them: 

Resume parsing 

Have you ever fallen asleep reading a lengthy piece or book? Well, this is what happens with most recruiters when they come across a lengthy resume. Thanks to the parsing tools in the ATS, the resume gets shortened, and the recruiter can easily read the relevant stuff. 

Benefits: This is one of the best applicant tracking system features and benefits because it saves a lot of time and energy for the recruiter and helps him make a better decision.

Vacancy posting

Have you ever wondered how companies post vacancies on all the job websites swiftly? Well, the answer is through an ATS system. This is one of the most amazing applicant tracking system features and benefits and helps the recruiter post vacancies on multiple platforms within a click. 

Benefits: The major benefit of this feature is that it allows the recruiter to save the time needed to post vacancies on platforms. If done manually, this task needs at least 10 to 15 minutes per website to post it. 

Candidate sourcing

Candidate sourcing is essential for building a good talent pool for the company. The candidate sourcing feature allows the recruiter to collect a variety of candidates from all around the world. Moreover, it helps to find candidates from social media platforms that bring diversity to the company. 

Benefits: The main benefit of this feature is that the recruiter can easily grab the best talent in the market and hire them. AI-based candidate sourcing includes attracting talented candidates, too!

Centralized data process

An ATS stores the data received from multiple candidates in a centralized manner in one place. It also has a feature where the recruiter can search for the candidate based on the categories from the stored data whenever needed. 

Benefits: This way, the recruiter need not search for a  candidate’s data in multiple places. They will find it stored in one single place. 

Report and analysis 

Many ATS systems have a feature where the software analyzes the hiring strategy and other hiring aspects of the company. Moreover, it also makes a report based on the same.

Benefits: This is one of those applicant tracking system features and benefits that can prove beneficial in the future. The report suggests changes that can help make the hiring strategy better. 

Data and security 

Once the recruiter installs an ATS in their working system, it stores some of the most important pieces of information, including candidate information. Many software programs have this feature where data is highly protected. 

Benefits: Data security ensures that the personal information of the candidates and other hiring information of the company does not leak on the internet. This makes it one of the best applicant tracking system features and benefits.


The ATS ensures integration with various platforms and applications to ease the hiring process. So, it can easily integrate with platforms where interviews can be taken and candidates can be managed easily. 

Benefits: Integrating an ATS system with other platforms and applications like CRM allows better communication. In addition, it also helps streamline the overall hiring process, easing the tasks for the recruiters.

Many ATS providers provide a customized applicant tracking system design to fit your hiring needs and flow. This is a famous feature that allows the ATS to mend according to the recruiter’s needs as much as possible. 

Did You Know?

Thus, these are some of the applicant tracking system features and benefits present in almost every ATS software. In the next section, we will look at how to choose the correct ATS.

Why and how to opt for an applicant tracking system? 

Choosing the correct applicant tracking system can be crucial, especially because it will affect the company’s future indirectly. You might be wondering how? 

Well, the future of the company depends upon the quality of staff and employees they have. An ATS helps to hire good-quality candidates for the company, thus indirectly contributing to the better future of the company. 

You can choose the correct ATS in the following way:

  • Always try to check the reviews for that ATS software on the internet. Going through the reviews helps to understand what difficulties may arise while using that ATS. Moreover, it gives the recruiter an idea about the nature of ATS.
  • Understand what kind of ATS you need. Also, you can determine based on the size of the company, the types of candidates you want to hire, and your workflow. Every ATS is different, and understanding your needs will help you get the correct ATS for yourself.
  • Try to choose an easy-to-use ATS. Look for an ATS with a simple interface that won’t need much training to use. As a result, this will help to reduce the time needed for the hiring process.
  • Keep an eye on your budget. Each applicant tracking system charges differently. Moreover, it can become expensive if you do not know how the ATS provider is charging you. Hence, define your budget before choosing the ATS system. 

Thus, this is how you can choose the correct ATS system for your company. Further, let us find the best ATS in the market.

Applicant tracking softwares in the USA: Top 4 Picks

Though there are numerous ATS software in the market, we have hand-picked the finest software for you with the best features and benefits. They are: 

Pitch N Hire 

Have you heard of an applicant tracking system online that allows easy acquisition of talent along with integration with CRM to lessen the paperwork? If not, Pitch N Hire is the one that fits this description. Moreover, it has been a top-ranked applicant tracking system in the USA that provides multiple features and benefits to the recruiter and the applicant, including a free plan.

Bullhorn. Inc 

Bullhorn has one of the most preferred applicant tracking system features and benefits for a large company. It helps the recruiter to find the perfect candidate within a minimum period. Moreover, it is quite famous amongst staffing agencies, too, for its amazing sourcing abilities. Also, it integrates with the majority of platforms. 

Zoho Recruit

Zoho Recruit is an applicant tracking system that has multiple tools and features that help to streamline the whole hiring process. It helps to reduce the time needed in hiring candidates and automates most of the process. Moreover, it provides simple collaboration and communication tools for the candidates and the recruiters.

Jazz HR 

JazzHR has one of the best applicant tracking system features and benefits for start-ups and small companies. It has a feature that automatically matches the candidates with the job profile. Moreover, it is quite budget-friendly, and you can post up to 3 job posts at a time. Also, it helps the team with effective communication.


It is important to understand applicant tracking system features and benefits if you want to use the software to its full potential. In this competitive world, it is vital to acquire the best talent before your competitors do. An ATS can help you do so, but only if you know how to use it properly. This blog can aid you in understanding this aspect and help you make a better hire. 

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