How to Add Subdomain in Hostinger

How to Add Subdomain in Hostinger

Subdomains are most important in a professional website. A subdomain is a domain that is a part of a large website is also called a child of your domain. A subdomain allows you to manage some parts of your website easily. So in this article, you can learn how to add subdomain in Hostinger very easily.

The subdomain makes your link beautiful. The subdomain is better than the extra pages. Like if you want to create a Jobs or Store pages on your website then that will look like this.

Rather than these pages, you can create a subdomain for your domain that looks like this.

So these subdomain looks beautiful and you can manage them as a separate website.

Add Subdomain in Hostinger

If you buy the Single Shared Hosting plan from Hostinger than that allows you to only create 2 subdomains. But if you buy Premium or Business Hosting Plans then you can add 100 subdomains on your website. But it is on your choice and preferences. Let’s start with the process now.

Login into your Hostinger hPanel

Login to your hPanel by entering your username and password. Do you What is hPanel

Go to Hosting and click Manage

After logged in click on Hosting from Menu Bar. List of your Hosting will show click Manage in front of your domain name,

Search for Subdomains

hPanel tools will show in front of your. Search for Subdomain in Domain sections and click on it.

Subdomain in Hostinger
Subdomain in Hostinger

Enter your subdomain name

Enter your subdomain name like store, jobs, admission according to your requirements. Click Create then.

Add subdomain
Add subdomain in Hostinger

List of Current Subdomains

You can view the list of subdomains on the same page. Here you can delete your subdomain. You can see the root directory of your subdomain. That shows your subdomain is stored in a separate directory and you can easily manage them.

List of subdomain
List of subdomain in Hostinger

Quick Overview

  1. Login to hPanel
  2. Click Hosting
  3. Click Manage
  4. Search for Subdomain
  5. Enter Subdomain Name
  6. Click Create

So by these quick steps, you can add subdomain in Hostinger.

Difference between Subdomains and Subdirectories

Subdomain are having the different directory in your website files. Search Engines crawl your subdomain files separately. The link Juice which is created from your backlinks for your main domain is not shared with your subdomain. So you have to create backlinks separately for your subdomain which is difficult. You have to create a subdomain for your domain for a good and valid reason.

Manage your subdomain or subdirectories carefully because it is important for SEO Ranking.

Subdirectories are the files that are under your main or primary domain. Google or other search engines does not crawl them as a separate file. So link juices are shared with your subdirectories as well.

Difference between Subdomain and Subdirectories
Difference between Subdomain and Subdirectories

Note: If you are a blogger, startup or any small business then you should use subdirectories that will help you to rank higher in organic search results faster rather than the subdomains.

Wrap Up

A subdomain can manage a part of your website separately. Because it creates a separate root directory for their files which are easy to manage. By following the above steps you can easily add subdomain in Hostinger.

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