Step 3: Install a Theme

Step 3: Applying a Visually appealing Theme

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Sometimes how you present your content matters greatly as compared to what the content actually is. Your content needs to grab user’s attention. A picture says a thousand words. Words can change the reality of a human being. Human are visual creatures. We think in pictures. For us, seeing is better than hearing. We are emotionally attracted to what pleases our eyes. There are some sights that even the wisest being in the universe can’t resist.

Every website is a work of art and every developer is an artist. Visual design of any website can make or break the distinction between good and great. We as humans are emotional beings. If something displeases our eye, we avert from it no matter what secrets lie in there. But if the visual elements of a website are done right, it can cause great significance to audience retention.

Course Contents: How to build a website with WordPress
Step 1: Domain Name, Hosting Services and Nameservers
Step 2: Installing a CMS (WordPress)
Step 3: Applying a Visually Appealing Theme
Step 4: Installing Appropriate Plugins
Step 5: Adding Content
Step 6: Site Optimization nad SEO
Step 7: Final Touch
Course Contents

What is a theme?

A theme is the look and feel of a website. The colors used and the visual layout of the pages on your website are determined by the themes that you install on your website. To be specific, a theme contains the following:

  • How different elements of your site are laid out in front of the user.
  • The color schemes that appear in those elements.
  • The visual enhancements and styling of any animations, icons and Images that may appear.

A good theme ensures that the customer’s attention is always on the content that you want to deliver.

Add a New Theme

How to install a theme in WordPress?

Installing a theme is very easy in wordpress. Just follow the steps given below.

  • Go to your wordpress dashboard and click on Appearance> Themes.
  • A list of default or pre-installed themes might appear.
Add a New Theme

There would be two options on the bottom right side of every theme. These options are, Activate, and Live Preview. With these options, you can view a theme before making any changes to your website and then activate the relevant theme.

  • If you want to add another theme from the WordPress repository, click Add New.
  • You can search for any theme by using the search box. Or you can also upload a theme file if you have your own theme.
Upload new Theme

You can enter your site category in the search bar to see some themes that might interest you. Some of these themes will be free and some paid.

  • Choose a relevant theme and click on Install.
  • A new window will appear saying that the theme is installed on your website.
  • Click on Activate and the new theme settings will be applied over your website.

Do I have to pay for Installing a Theme?

No. Mostly no. Unless you want to. Themes can be of two types. Free and Paid. The user has the option to choose either a free theme or pay for a better made professional theme. We recommend using a free theme since it’s just the beginning of the learning process.

What are some Good themes to install as a Beginner?

Here is a list of some themes that might be useful in this journey to learning website development.

Twenty Twenty (Free)A theme made by wordpress team. Free to use and highly customizable for bloggers and content writers.
Store Front (Free)Great choice for e-commerce stores and business websites with all the visual customizations.
Divi and Avada (Free and Paid)Divi and Avada are the two pioneers of visual customization market right now. Both themes have a free version to try out before buying the pro version.
 OceanWpHighly Customizable theme with advance funcationalities 

Can I build my own theme?

Yes. But that might require some coding skills and basic knowledge in theme development. Otherwise it might cause errors and compatibility issues. Beginners are recommended to install a pre-made theme from wordpress store and then gradually rise to theme development.

Departing Wisdom:

Themes are important. Use them wisely. Be mindful of the colors, Prudent in your font sizes, Cautious about the imagery and Watchful on the layout of your content. Doesn’t matter if you use a free theme or a paid one. The only thing that matters is how you present your content.

Almost nothing need be said when you have eyes.” – Tarjei Vesaas

Next step is Applying a WordPress Plugin to your website that will improve your performance, management and optimization.

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