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Rephraser.Co Review – How Good Is This Rephraser Tool

The rising content needs have forced people to look around for ways through which they can satisfy their text requirements. Keeping in mind this need, technology experts to devise tools to make things simple and efficient.

Introduction of is one tool that helps you generate unique and well-written content in the blink of an eye. Those who find it difficult to create impeccable content for their needs can take advantage of this tool.

In other words, is an effective paraphrasing tool that helps you to remove plagiarism from copied text. It is ideal for students who need to create and proofread their work before submission.

The service offers an extensive list of productivity features, and it can be used for:

  • Removing plagiarism from copied text
  • Reproducing old text in new words and sentences
  • Refining text quality and your writing style
  • Creating humanly content without actually writing it

Rephraser has designed to help you convert your existing text into a high-quality, human-readable version that is unique and perfectly fine to submit or publish online.

The tool allows you to remove plagiarism from copied texts, improve the original text quality, and create human-like content by reproducing old sentences in new words and phrases.

How does work?

How does rephraser work

The interface of Rephraser is very easy to use. There are two main text boxes appearing on the homepage: “Original” and “Rephrased” (see screenshot above).

You just have to copy text from the original source and paste it into the box appearing on the left side of the home page screen.

Remember, you can only upload up to 500 words at a time. If you have text more than the specified word limit, try rephrasing them in parts. If you have 1500 words that need to be rephrased, try paraphrasing them in three parts.

Once you have pasted, typed, or uploaded the text from the original source, click the ‘Paraphrase’ button appearing in the middle of the screen right underneath two text boxes.

You should be able to see the output within a few seconds since the tool is based on powerful AI systems – offering quick and efficient results without wasting time. Features

Rephraser brings a slew of useful features that help users take advantage of this impressive online tool. Here are some of the most impressive features that are worth mentioning:

1. Upload Your Text Files

In case you have original content in a text file, you can simply upload that particular file using the upload feature. Simply click the ‘Upload’ button appearing at the top-right corner of the first text box.

It will open up a window allowing you to choose the file and open in the tool’s interface. This is how easily you can use text to rephrase using the rephrase tool.

2. Multi-language Support

The tool lets you rephrase text in different languages, including English, French, and Danish. It means rephrasing text in these languages is not a problem when you use this particular tool.

3. AI-Powered Rephraser

One of the best things about is that it is based on a powerful AI system. it means it can take your text and smartly convert it into human-readable content. You will see the generated output is just a humanly-written text.

Unlike other paraphrasing tools available on the market, rephraser doesn’t simply change synonyms to create unique content. Rather, it smartly changes the whole structure of the original text – making it completely unique and well-written.

4. Remove plagiarism

This is one of the main reasons why people use a rephraser tool. If they can’t get a plagiarism-free copy after paraphrasing, they won’t be interested in using such a solution.

This rephraser removes plagiarism from your copy and converts it into 100% plagiarism-free content within seconds. Therefore, you can use the rephrased content for college submission and even publishing online.

5. No Limitations

Do you have more than a few text pieces? No worries, rephraser lets you rephrase as many text files as you want without putting you under any specific limits. You can satisfy your rising paraphrasing needs without having any fear or being clogged by the tool.

6. Grammar Checker

One of the most essential features users need to make their content flawless is the grammar checker. Rephraser doesn’t let you browse through the web to find your go-to grammar checker tool.

Instead, it provides you with a built-in grammar checker that you can use right after paraphrasing text. Once you have generated the output, click the Grammar Checker. By doing so, the tool will highlight words with grammatical issues and provide suggestions to fix them.

7. Text Summarizer

Text summarizer in allows you to create a quick and efficient summary of the text originally pasted in the text box. The tool creates a very effective summary of the given text. As a result, you can be sure you have the best copy.

8. Safe and Secure is completely secure to use since it uses the latest encryption standards to ensure data safety. No matter what sort of text you want to paraphrase or summarize, you can feel perfectly secure. No one will be able to access your information as the tool deletes the input after processing your request.

How much does cost?

Rephraser is available free of charge and you can rephrase as many pieces of text as you want.

It’s not feasible for today’s users to buy expensive programs to rephrase the text. That’s the reason they look for tools that provide them with quality results without making them feel anxious about the fee.

Pros and Cons of


  • An easy, fast, and efficient solution to rephrase the text
  • Doesn’t require any sign-up or registration
  • It comes with useful extra features
  • Built-in summarizer to summarize text on the go
  • Built-in grammar checker to catch errors in your copy


  • Doesn’t allow rephrasing more than 500 words at a time
  • Only available online Android App

Rephraser Android App

Most of the users prefer using applications rather than using an online tool. Rephraser doesn’t just have an online appearance but is also a dedicated app for android users.

You can visit the play store and download Rephraser android app on your smartphone. This will help them rephrase text in real time and make the most of this application.

How good is this rephrasing tool?

Rephraser lets you rewrite the plagiarized text in your own words without much human intervention. It’s one of the most effective online tools for removing plagiarism from copied text.

You just copy and paste the original text, choose the source language, and then get an instantly new version of your text with the same meaning or even more precisely written than before.

Rephraser is a good solution for those who want to paraphrase the text but are not sure how to do it. The tool has an easy-to-use interface, which makes it easy for anyone to use. It can be used on any computer or handheld device (smartphone, tablet, etc.) and does not require technical knowledge or special skills.

Rephraser has many features that make it ideal for this purpose. First, it allows users to copy and paste any text or upload the document from their device’s internal storage.

This means they do not have to worry about typing out their own content and copying and pasting it elsewhere. Instead, they simply need to select the text they want to rephrase and then click “Paraphrase” to get paraphrased text instantly.

It does not require any complex settings or configurations, making it easy for almost anyone who wants to use it in their daily life. The only thing that one will need is access to an Internet connection so that one can use it on the go.

Generally speaking, is a valid option for someone looking to paraphrase text without a headache. 

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