12 Types of Interactive Content to Drive Better Engagement

12 Types of Interactive Content to Drive Better Engagement

First thing in the morning, you spend energy on Buzzfeed by completing their latest “what kind of salad are you?” quiz. Before long, you’re working hard on the proposal due later today, reading up on relevant material using Interactive Infographics. 

You’re scrolling through Facebook when suddenly an advertisement for a flight to Japan, the country you’ve always wanted to visit, pops up. You immediately check a currency conversion tool to see if this deal is worth it after seeing the pricing in a foreign currency. 

All of these things you do regularly use one thing in common: you were consuming some form of Interactive Content.

Interactive Content: What is it?

In contrast to passively consuming content, customers are encouraged to participate actively in interactive content. Interactive Content allows the user to become an active participant in the narrative and shape its outcomes. 

When a viewer is involved in the content, he is more likely to remember it. Anything that prompts a response from the audience is considered interactive content. They join the action using electronic means.

Here are 12 great forms of interactive content proven to increase productivity.

1. Real-Time Interactive Quizzes

A popular form of interactive content, quizzes are typically quick and straightforward to complete. It tests, amuses, and involves users before delivering feedback depending on their responses. 

Knowledge quizzes, character quizzes, trivia quizzes, and so on are just a few examples of the numerous quizzes. Another method to increase quiz taker activity is to offer a prize for the top scorer.

The main advantages of using quizzes are that they raise brand recognition, encourage user participation, and increase the number of potential new customers.

2. Interactive Evaluation

An excellent example of interactive content that gives users immediate, specific feedback is an assessment. Users can get advice on how to best enhance their performance based on the results of these evaluations.

The questions in an Interactive Assessment can be about anything from a person’s work or leisure habits to their level of expertise in a particular sector. Like quizzes, they’re great for attracting new customers and expanding your email database.

The main advantages of using Interactive Assessments are that they increase participation, knowledge, leads, and sales.

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3. Using a Guided Approach to Closing the Sale

Guided Selling comes in numerous forms, such as Product Recommenders, Solution Builders, Gift Finder, and so on. Online retail will eventually evolve to mimic these kinds of Interactive Content instances. To better tailor suggestions to individual users, a Product Recommender, for example, can conduct surveys to learn more about their likes and dislikes. 

The Guided Selling process considers the customer’s responses when making recommendations about which goods would be most beneficial to them. Numerous businesses, from brick-and-mortar stores to online marketplaces to software as a service (SaaS) providers, might benefit from Product Recommendations. 

Product Recommendations will help you connect with your customers and increase sales. Discovering customer needs, increasing engagement, increasing sales, gathering valuable data, and improving customer happiness are the key objectives of Guided Selling experiences.

4. Interactive Videos

The goal of an Interactive Video, as with any other form of Interactive Content, is to get the spectator involved in the action. The break down of Interactive videos into a few distinct categories are:

In a Shopping Video, a user can access further information about a product by clicking on a hotspot. They can add the products to their shopping carts. In Branching Video, the audience participates in the narrative by determining the course of events. An Interactive Video Test can be used to teach people about a topic and test their knowledge of it.

Different kinds of Interactive Videos will provide various rewards depending on your goals. Shopping videos, for instance, may do wonders for purchases, while branching videos can do wonders for brand recognition and audience participation.

The most significant advantages of interactive videos are increased brand recognition, audience participation, education, and revenue.

5. Content with Social Interactions

Social Interactive Information is a subset of Interactive Material that emphasizes user collaboration and communication. Providing examples of Interactive Content inspires users to develop their own Interactive Experiences, which they can show off to their friends and followers on social media.

One of the most effective forms of Interactive Content for doing so is interactive social content. In addition, including the audience is fantastic because they contribute to and shape the Interactive Experience. Last but not least, it boosts brand recognition because the content creators provide authentic and personal significance to them.

Awareness, engagement, and brand perception are all boosted through socially interactive content.

6. Advent Calendars

Did you know that an online advent calendar is a great way to increase business over the holiday season? Yes, a modern, digital, and, obviously, Interactive take on the classic Advent Calendar.

With an online Advent calendar, you can capitalize on the festive excitement, generate buzz, and keep your customers coming back daily for an entire month. When you want to boost your company’s reputation, a holiday calendar is a terrific way to do it because it provides customers with a memorable and entertaining interactive experience.

Awareness, word-of-mouth, engagement, brand perception, and email list expansion are the primary outcomes of online Advent calendars.

7. EBooks with interactivity

eBooks with interactive features are a great way to make learning more engaging. Including interactive elements in your eBooks can be especially helpful when conveying more complex or dry content. 

Interactive eBooks can be viewed on various devices and augmented with additional features like quizzes, infographics, and videos. If you want to read an Interactive eBook, you may do so without downloading it. You can, however, restrict access to your eBook to build your email list.

The primary benefits of creating an interactive eBook are educating your readers, increasing interaction, collecting vital data, and expanding your email list.

8. Advertising Contests

How do I get the user to pay attention to me? Games. Take our minds off of things by playing a game. You should incorporate Marketing Games into your marketing.

A wide variety of marketing games exist nowadays. For instance, some games need little skill, such as memory games, scratch cards, and puzzles. They are great for reducing noise and setting you apart from the competition on social media and in your online content.

One of the primary advantages of using marketing games is that they can be fun for your target audience. Raising your profile, getting people involved, and adding to your email list are great ways to do that.

9. Conversational Interaction

Compared to chatbots, Interactive Conversations are far superior because they can incorporate human voices and visuals and move into the conversation. Interactive Conversation is a low-cost method of staying in constant contact with your clientele. 

As a bonus, the mood is entirely up to you with this Interactive Content. You can create an image of friendliness, expertise, trustworthiness, etc. It is a fantastic example of an Interactive Experience that boosts your company’s profile.

In particular, Interactive Conversation can help you get more email subscribers, enhance sales, and get more people interested in your business.

10. Dynamic, Engaging Infographics

Simply calling them “Interactive Infographics” gives you a good idea of what they are—infographics with extra features like interactive graphics, quizzes, pop-ups, Interactive Videos, and more. In conclusion, you benefit from a more effective Interactive Experience that raises your profile and interest.

The three primary uses of an interactive infographic are to promote brand recognition, encourage audience participation, and impart knowledge.

11. Interactive Flipbooks

Flipbooks that you can interact with are mind-blowing. Repurpose those boring, outdated PDFs into a beautiful flipbook with interactive features using this type of Interactive Content.

Interactive flipbooks come in various formats, with as many dynamic features as you like, depending on the category. Improve the experience of your website’s users by using interactive components like animations, quizzes, films, games, calculators, product recommenders, etc. They will be far more interested in reading your PDFs and have a better chance of remembering what they read. Increased engagement, data collection, email list expansion, and sales are advantages of interactive flipbooks.

12. Digital Interactive Calculators

Incorporating calculators into your website is a fantastic example of Interactive Content. In this day and age, interactive calculators come in various forms. Site users can leverage them to determine the cost of a customized order or the rate of return on investment. They can use it to calculate how much revenue they will save by switching to your product or service. 

The main advantages of Interactive Calculators are as follows: increased engagement, enhanced user experience, audience education, increased sales, and increased conversions.


Marketing in the future will place greater emphasis on interactive content. That’s why plenty of Content Marketing Agency are putting in long hours to make their interactive content platform the most feature-rich and user-friendly one so that anyone can make their own interactive experiences. There is no need to code. There is no enchantment. Even while these 12 types of Interactive Content are the most common, there is a wide range of other possibilities. The only limit is your imagination.

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