Importance of DA PA in Guest Posting

Importance of DA PA in Guest Posting

There is no doubt that guest posting has become a major technique to gain more ranking power and increase website traffic. Almost every webmaster makes use of it to get quality backlinks and get in the good books of the search engine. Anyhow, there’s one thing to remember not every random guest post can help you earn a quality backlink and improve your website’s authority. 

The guest post must be published on a website that’s relevant to your niche and has a high authority.

Both the DA and PA are important when you choose a website for guest posting. If you are confused about how and why then stay with us as this is what we are going to discuss in this article. 

First of all, we will discuss some basic concepts about guest posting, domain authority, and page authority. Afterward, we will move to apprise you about the importance of DA PA in guest posting so that you can learn to choose the right site to publish your guest post and get a quality backlink. 

What is Guest Posting?

The Guest Posting process involves a writer creating content to publish on another webmaster’s website. The writer mostly writes blogs related to their niche or field. Such a writer is usually regarded as a ‘guest blogger’.

This method allows the writer to include a link to a relevant site on the desired keyword in the content that counts as a backlink.

However, it’s important to get insights into the website’s performance on search engine result pages before publishing the content on it. There are certain metrics that help us to know the quality of the website and determine whether a backlink from this site will be able to pass ranking power to our website or not. 

Some of these metrics include traffic, domain authority, page authority, quality of top pages, and relevance of the site. There are so many other metrics that link builders take into consideration while choosing a website for guest posting. Anyhow, the one stat that the majority of the link builders care about is Domain Authority (DA) and Page Authority (PA).

Domain Authority (DA) and Page Authority

What are DA and PA?

DA and PA are the metrics that help to learn about the performance of a website on the search engine. The DA/PA algorithm is developed by a highly trusted and reputable SEO SaaS company known as MOZ.

The DA/PA score ranges from 0 to 100 —- a higher score means higher authority. 

If a website has a DA score higher than 50, then it means that its overall SEO performance and ranking strength is good. This means that whenever you publish a guest post on a website with a higher DA score, it gives you a quality backlink to share its ranking strength and traffic with your website.

Here, it is worth mentioning that while the DA score can be a good indicator of the website’s performance, it’s not actually a ranking factor. In other words, if the DA score of a particular website is very high, it does not mean that Google will favor it more.

Moving on, if a web page has a higher PA score then it indicates that it is more likely to be ranked on the result pages and thus, best for backlink insertions to gain ranking strength and traffic. The page authority uses the same algorithm that Domain Authority uses, only the difference is that it uses it only for a single and individual page.

Ultimately, the DA PA scores are very important in guest posting as they help to find the right site to get a quality backlink. It would be best if you use a DA PA Checker to get insights into the domain authority and page authority of the website on which you are likely to publish a guest post. It will save you from getting low-quality backlinks. 

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Importance of Domain Authority in Guest Posting

When it comes to guest posting, then there are many things on the website which can only be learned by knowing about domain authority. Some of them are the following:


In our discussion, we mentioned that the DA score is calculated using an algorithm that considers the total number of backlinks and referring domains. A link builder can use this information to determine how trustworthy a website is for the backlink.

Despite thousands of backlinks from hundreds of domains, the DA score of a website may be lower than expected, whereas a website with very few backlinks can achieve a high DA score.

It is a fact that websites with a small number of backlinks on high-ranking sites are more trustworthy than websites that have hundreds of backlinks from spammy sites.

Ranking Strength

A guest post published on a high DA score is more likely to produce better results than one published on a low-DA score.

According to the algorithm of backlinks, backlinks within the same site do affect each other. If the website where the user is guest posting has good backlinks, then it might also affect the user’s link in the guest post and result in a better ranking in search engines.

On the other hand, it can be harmful to create a backlink on a website that has spammy backlinks and a low DA score. This can result in the rank reduction or deranking of the site.

Importance of Page Authority in Guest Posting

Find Best Page

Sometimes, a guest poster may utilize an existing webpage on the website for obtaining a link rather than creating and publishing a whole new post.

However, it is hard to find the right page for link insertion. Here the link builder looks at the page authority to learn about which of the webpage has good PA, so they can use it.

Better Ranking

Incorporating the link in a web page with good page authority benefits the guest post link and its ranking on SERPs. 

When the link is inserted on that individual webpage, the backlinks of that page also affect the guest post link, so the guest post link performs better when it has more quality backlinks and a good PA Score.


DA PA scores help a lot in guest posting, but neither of them is based on search engines’ algorithms.

In fact, these scores predict the ranking strength and quality of a domain and page across the search engine result pages.

A higher DA/PA means that a website has a good SEO score and is more likely to rank on result pages. This is why, whenever you choose a website to publish a guest post, make sure that it has a high DA/PA. In short, your website will get a quality backlink if the referral domain has a high DA PA score. 

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