How to Domain Transfer to Namecheap from Hostinger

Transfer to Namecheap from Hostinger

Namecheap is the #1 Domain Registrar around the world. It is a domain and web hosting company which registered 10 million domains till now from 2000. If you are fed up with your domain provider which asks you for a high renewal fee, then you should transfer your domain name to Namecheap. In this video, how can you transfer to Namecheap from Hostinger?

Reason to Transfer to Namecheap

As Namecheap is the cheapest and the best domain registrar. There are four main reasons to transfer to Namecheap.

  1. Zero Downtime while transferring
  2. Free Lifetime Privacy Protection
  3. 24/7 Expert Support
  4. Carry time over
namecheap domain

To transfer your domain name to Namecheap today. If you want to get a new domain name, then enter your desired name and check the availability and get your domain name.

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Checklist Before the Transfer to Namecheap

There are three steps of the transfer process. Let’s take a closer look at those processes.


The first step is to check that is domain eligible to transfer. To verify your domain, you have to log in to your current registrar and check the following:

  1. Is your domain 60 days old
  2. The domain name is not on hold

If all good, then you can start your domain transfer process.


In this second step, you must check that your domain is locked or unlocked and you have an authorization code also called Auth-Code, EPP Code or transfer code. This auth code is used to verify the identity of the domain name holder.


If everything is fine, then now you can start your domain transfer process. Go to Namecheap Domain Transfer and submit your domain. Follow the steps to ensure your domain transfer process easier.

Process of Transfer to Namecheap

You should follow the given video or text tutorial to transfer to Namecheap from Hostinger or another registrar.

Video Tutorial

If you like to reading, then follow the text guide below.

Visit the Namecheap Domain Transfer

Visit the Namecheap Domain Transfer, and enter your domain name which you want to transfer and click on Transfer.

Namecheap easy domain transfer

Check Registrar Lock

After submitting your domain to transfer, Namecheap will check the domain lock or unlock. If your domain is locked, then you have to unlock your domain from your current registrar.

is domain lock

In this example we use Hostinger. (if you are using other registrars the process is the same)

Go to Current Registrar

Go to your current registrar domain section and unlock your domain and copy the auth code, EFF code or transfer code.

get auth code

Your domain will unlock in five minutes. Comeback to Namecheap and refresh the page and your domain status will have unlocked.

Enter Authorization Code

Enter your auth code which you copy from your current registrar and click on Verify Auth Code. Namecheap will verify the auth code and then you can click on the Add to Cart button.

auth code

Login to Namecheap

Now you have to register or login into your existing Namecheap Account.

Enter Billing Details

Enter your billing or payment details to complete the process. You can pay Namecheap with your credit/debit card or Paypal as well.

Review Order

Review your order which you import into your Cart and click on Pay Now. Namecheap starts the payment process and after the success that shows the confirmation and your order id and invoice. Namecheap also emails you about your order and other details.


After a few hours later, you will get an email from your old registrar which asks you for the transfer confirmation. You have to allow that confirmation and your domain will transfer to Namecheap in few days. When the process is complete then you will get the following email.

transfer complete

How Long Does Domain Transfer Take

Namecheap and other registrar take up to six days to complete the domain transfer process. You have to take no worry and give some time to complete the whole process. If it’s been more the six days, there may be several issues the transfer may fail.

After completing the transfer process, you have to install WordPress on Namecheap.

Closing Remarks

So Namecheap is the best, cheap and affordable domain name registrar. It provides free data privacy protection name as WHOIS Guard, 24×7 chat support and other cheap domain rates. Transfer to Namecheap now and enjoy the best experience.

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