8 Ways to Use Instagram Insights to Analyze Your Organic Marketing

8 Ways to Use Instagram Insights to Analyze Your Organic Marketing

Are you ready to analyze your organic traffic for your Instagram efforts? Well, you should know your analytics for multiple valid and essential reasons. So, are you ready to get your hands dirty and find out several winning secrets?

We will talk about the essential benefits you can get with such an analysis. You can read about using feed posts and several types of Insights. We will also discuss Live video posts, Reels, and Guides analytics. 

You will be able to read about all the benefits of knowing them and methods to do that.

Benefits of Knowing Instagram Analytics

The experts believe that you can try getting information to improve your marketing. You should know your audience’s demographics, gender, location, and age group of your audiences. 

Creating data-driven content can help you create a better result for your marketing. So, if you know your analytics, you can find out the content that works best for you. So, you use data to find out the content working best for you.

When you have a grip on your result metrics, you can find the best time to post as well. All you have to do is find the post timing with the best response metrics. When you know this metric, you can easily know the best-performing time. 

Live Video Analysis

You should follow these steps to launch your Live Stream analytics for Instagram:

  •  Go to the Instagram Profile icon and tap the Settings button.
  •  Next, you should go to the Account tab and tap Switch to Professional Account. Once you are in your professional account, you can have the insights you need. Instagram does not provide in-depth analytics for regular accounts.

You can view your Livestream insights on your application when you are looking to see them. So, you just have to go to View Insights and see all the metrics you want.

How to Know Your Instagram Total Followers

You can see your total number of followers in the insights portion easily. Here, you can also try to find your most active times.

Story Insights 

You can also access your Story analytics to find out the best metrics you should know. All you have to do is to:

  •  Go to your Profile and click your picture over there.
  •  Make sure you scroll to your Story, and you can access your insights from there. 
  •  You can see any kind of insights, including replies, link clicks, forwards, exits and others.

Method to follow for an expired story:

  •  Go to the Instagram profile page and tap the Insights button you see there. You can see this button on the top of your post grid.
  •  You can see your older posts when you tap Stories row. 
  •  The last thing to do will be to see your insights for any story you want to see. All you have to do is swipe up on that story and see the insights. 

Reels Metrics

Reels are another common feature that you can use for better reach. So, you should know your engagement rate when looking to work online.

You should know how to get your engagement rate which you can do by Reels interactions divided by Reels plays multiplied by 100. This rate would allow you to find out a metric that can change your whole campaign for the better.

How To Use These Metrics For More Reach?

Analytics tools are a great option for any social media marketer to better understand. So, we will discuss some top tools that provide amazing content analytics. 

Try using these metrics to find out your sweet spot for better marketing. It would help you find great results for any online Instagram campaign. 

Growth services are another tactic you should consider as a marketer. So, you can use Instagram auto likes to get better sales for your content creation.

Tools to Analyze Instagram

Several tools can be your assistants to improve your marketing campaigns. So some of them are:


You can use this tool to get an insight into the best influencers you can find. This metric is not directly connected to your profile performance, but it is good. 

This tool does allow you to use a great mode that can help you have predictions about your campaign. Using this mode can help you get a better understanding of what is going good. So, use this mode to find out what is best about what you are doing online.

It allows you the following metrics:

  • Engagements
  • Reach
  • Engagement rate
  • Earned media value

You can analyze influencers in your niche and measure your campaigns. 

Use Iconsquare

You can use Iconsquare as a great tool for several metrics that you can use for your campaigns. This tool allows you to see your organic and promoted analysis of traffic. 

It allows you to analyze your Stories analytics and try to find the best metrics. This tool is a perfect one for engagement metrics and insights. Moreover, you can use it for Insmentions and tags your brand gets. 

You can even use it to create your marketing campaign reports with automation. 


This tool allows you to analyze sentiment for better data understanding. Moreover, it allows you to know about your brand mentions, interactions, and brand awareness. 

You can use it to know your reach and helps you improve your customer support. 

Apart from getting more better understanding of your campaign, you can buy Instagram followers for credibility. Such services enhance your credibility for good.


This tool is a useful one to get a better understanding of your campaigns for Instagram:

  •  You can check your engagement rate, average engagement rate and total posts.
  • It allows you to analyze mentions, tags, and average likes and comments.
  • Using it can also help you find the total posts you have published. You can use this feature to know your posts on any weekday.
  • Moreover, you can use it to know your most used caption words and hashtags.

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Final Thoughts

An analysis is the first step to getting better at whatever you do. Without that part, you cannot have great campaigns on any social media. So, we mentioned the top benefits of analysis on Instagram and how to know them.

We mentioned tools like Brand24, Iconsquare and others. We also tried to offer top features and metrics you should look for and use for better performance. 

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