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How to Easily Reorder Categories in WordPress

Would you like to reorder categories in WordPress? Of course, if you list the categories in WordPress, they will be displayed in a sequential request or alphabetical order. Some clients or website owners may need to change their custom category requests. In this article, you will learn the best way to easily reorder categories in WordPress.

Reason to Reorder Categories in WordPress

Of course, if you list the categories using Category Widgets or Blocks, WordPress will request them sequentially or alphabetically by default. Many site owners use categories to change the placement of blog content default categories and may need to tweak them as needed.

For example, some sites may not require the Announcement category at the beginning of the rundown. When running Woo Commerce or eCommerce store, the store may need to modify the item classification request to display the best-selling item categories at the top at that time.

In either case, the default category widget or block has no alternative way to change that request. Fortunately, there are WordPress plugins that you can use to reorder and manually change how they are displayed on your website. That being said, let’s investigate how to effectively reorder categories in WordPress.

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Reorder Categories Order in WordPress

There are many reordering categories WordPress plugins available in the market. The best of them are explained below.

1. Category Order and Taxonomy Terms Order

The first thing you have to do is introduce and enact the Category Order and Taxonomy Terms Order plugin or module in your WordPress website. For added precision, visit How to install a Plugin. Upon enactment, visit the Posts > Taxonomy Order to improve your WordPress category order.

The first thing you have to do is introduce and enact the Category Order and Taxonomy Terms Order plugin or module in your WordPress website. For added precision, visit How to install a Plugin. Upon enactment, visit the Posts > Taxonomy Order to improve your WordPress category order.

The plugin will list all your categories on that page, and you can physically relocate to modify a category order. “Jip a snap on a class and drop it up or down.” On the off chance that you use classes children, then, moving the parent category will similarly move the child classes. Remember to tap on the Update button when you’re done reorder categories.

You can now add the Categories widget to your WordPress sidebar by visiting the Appearance > Widgets page. From that point on, you can visit your WordPress blog or website to see changes that you do in the reordering category.

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Change Category Order in eCommerce Website

This plugin also works in the eCommrece or WooCommerce product categories. This allows you to select the order of your custom product categories and list the most popular product categories at the top.

Go to Products > Category or Taxonomy Order page and rearrange the product categories. You can sort them in any order by simply dragging and dropping them. Don’t forget to click the Update button when you’re done with it.

You can now add the Product Category widget to your online store. Appearance > Access the Widget page to display the sidebar. You can then visit the online store website to see the product categories listed in order of custom product categories.

2. Custom Taxonomy Order

Custom Taxonomy Order could be a module for WordPress that takes under consideration the requesting of scientific classification terms.

It bolsters the attendant highlights:

  • Request (custom) terms through a basic intuitive interface.
  • No custom writing is required. It utilizes customary WordPress channels.
  • It utilizes the accessible WordPress contents and styles.
  • The module is lightweight, with no superfluous contents to stack into the administrator.
  • It conforms agilely with the design and feel of the WordPress interface.
  • It utilizes its menu in the backend.
  • Interpreted or translatable.
  • Custom capacities to rearrange the scientific classifications themselves.
  • There is no professional form, everything works within the Free form.

There are so many features that are used to manage or reorder categories and posts for you on your website as shown in the image.

3. Simple Custom Post Order

Request posts (posts, any custom post sorts) utilizing a tangle and Drop Sortable JavaScript. style is pointless. you’ll be able to know foursquare on the default WordPress organization.

Barring custom inquiry that uses request or order by boundaries, in get_posts or query_posts, and so on.

Closing Remarks

So you learn categories are important for a WordPress website. And if you want to change the order of your website then you can easily reorder categories in WordPress by using different well-known plugins and modules.

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